About Us

Kristi - Trainer

I grew up with horses. Horses have always been a passion of mine. I have shown horses in the AJQHA shows as a youth. As an adult, I focus on basics. A good horse can go any direction you want after they have a good solid foundation. Ground work, round pen work, manners, softening, neck reining, moving hips, shoulders etc. are the skills that I focus my time on with the horses we train. These basics allow the horse to be ready to respond to more complicated training and maneuvers as they learn specific disciplines. We always use firm but gentle techniques. It's important to establish a sense of leadership with the horse while maintaining mutual trust and respect. 

Staci - Trainer

 Growing up, I always wanted to run barrels but, my parents did something that led me to starting Hancock Performance Horses. They bought me a rescue horse instead of a barrel horse. From then on, no matter what discipline I wanted to do (I bounced from barrel racing to reining and everything in between) my parents never bought me a finished horse. I had to learn how to train my own horses for what I wanted to do. Because of that I fell in love with training horses and seeing their progress and improvement and I started Hancock Performance Horses. 

Gunnar - Barn Manager

I'm a 4th generation Arizonan. My ancestors were sheep herders, cattleman and farmers. I have been around ranch horses my whole life in one way or another. During my 12 years in the military, we did not have the opportunity to have horses of our own; however, as soon as I separated from the Air Force, we came home to Arizona and soon found ourselves in the middle of the horse world again. From rescuing horses to breeding and training we love everything about the horse world.